UNICEF Tap Project

Client: UNICEF
Role: Copywriter
Year: 2015

In parts of the world, children can walk for hours just to collect clean water. Based on the insight of how a majority of people in the US won't fully comprehend the realities of this fact, we juxtaposed the dependence on something vital, like clean water, to the dependence on something more menial, yet relatable, like our smartphones. 

The result was a mobile experience that challenged people to see how long they could go without touching their phones. Every 10 minutes someone refrained from touching their phone, a corporate sponsor donated the equivalent of one day of clean water to children in need. 


For World Water Month, 2.5 million people went a total of 250 million minutes without their phones, raising a total of $1.6 million.

The work ended up being one of UNICEF's most successful campaign-based fundraising efforts to date. It was mentioned in Ad Age's Top Campaigns of The Century and received a Webby, honoring excellence on the Internet.



Concept & Art Direction: Brian Moore
Graphic Designer: Devin Croda
Interactive Producer: Justin Durazzo
Development: Modern Assembly