Unicef Tap Project
In its eighth year, the UNICEF Tap Project goal was to give people perspective on the world water crisis and integrate corporate donations into the campaign.

Based on the insight that people take clean water for granted, we targeted something else they also take for granted–their cell phones. The Tap Project web app challenged people to see how long they could go without touching their phones–for every 10 minutes they could last, a corporate sponsor donated one day of clean water to children in need.

in part of a team with: brian moore, devin croda & justin durazzo

Over the course of World Water Month the app had over 2.5 million unique users and over 4 million game plays. People spent an average of one hour on the experience.  As a result, the campaign generated more than $1.2million in sponsorship and user donations and more than 16,500 people signed up to become UNICEF volunteers, exceeding UNICEF’s expectations over 500%. All in all, this makes the most successful Tap campaign to date, 8 years in.