PUMA: The 100 Meter Shop
To introduce PUMA’s new Jamaican-inspired collection for the London Olympics we faced a big challenge. PUMA wasn't an official sponsor of the games and was therefore forbidden from any form of advertising on location in London. So instead of fighting for attention around the Olympic track, we set up one on our own: a pop up shop online that measured 100 meters when scrolling down the site from start to finish.

To fill the 100 meter long site, a total of 438 posts where required, covering everything from street style and highlights from PUMA events to an interview series with local Jamaicans living in London. Contextualizing the products around content turned out successful and a week before the game ended, the collection was sold out. 

in part of a team with: jonas åhlén roxanna zegan & kathrin laser 


The entire site centered around the 100 meter track. Some items, like the Jamaican Team Jacket, were even limited to a 100 meter stack.


For the look-book we assigned talented Liam Goslett of acclaimed style blog LiamSawThis to shoot the campaign per our art direction.