New Museum: Quotes
To promote New Museum’s exhibition George Condo:Mental States we decided to tap into the polarizing nature of the show and, for the first time ever, pair art establishment criticism with what regular museum goers had to say. The poster featured Condo's infamous Red Antipodular Portrait, a New York Times one-word rave review “Sensational” and a mysterious url stating New York Tweets.

Curious New Yorkers who explored the link were taken to a site that displayed real time one-word gut reactions from museum goers who had tweeted to the site, using the hashtag #GeorgeCondo.

in part of a team with: jonas åhlén

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Adding to the already existing attraction for George Condo's art, the thousands of museum goers who tweeted about the work helped the exhibition become one of the most visited in the museum's seven year history.

  Photo: curtesy of

Photo: curtesy of