Meg Ryan Celebrating 50
As part of a collective called New York Over Time, I've co-hosted a number of events in NYC. Our approach has never been to create a "club night," but instead host one-off parties, using that event as a medium to tell a story, that can give guests with a greater story to pass on to friends. 

For our first night, we celebrated actress Meg Ryan's 50th birthday. The intention was not to have Meg appear at the party, but to gather people for a "New Year's Eve-ish" moment in time to shine light upon the long-forgotten American sweetheart. 400+ guests attended in celebration--all of who now can claim, "I know exactly where I was the night Meg Ryan turned 50."

The New York Observer wrote a piece about the night which captures its spirit. 

in part of a team: rich greco, tj ryan & jonas åhlén