Durazzo & Friends
This past summer some friends and I ventured into the NYC food scene together. With most of us having no formal restaurant training, we were commissioned to cater one of Brooklyn’s most renowned day parties, Mister Sunday, in the Gowanus Grove. Over the course of 12 consecutive Sundays, we served over 500 guests weekly with a changing menu developed by former Mile End chef, James Durazzo.

in part of a team with: james durazzo, justin durazzo, thibault gerard, akoma m'ba

The idea behind Durazzo & Friends was to bring our friends, family and co-workers to the front line of making food. We created a space that allowed people to interact with us and each week we had a new friend helping out with everything from designing the space to testing their skills as a line cook.

We teamed up with local suppliers like Brooklyn Fare and Los Paisanos Butcher. Here's one of our vegetarian options: The Eggplant Sando with chickpea purée.