Don't Tell Ashton
While studying at Berghs School of Communication, some friends and I did a promotion for our department, the Interactive Communication's Program. We developed a concept that let people explore their online social currency by taking part in making one of the world’s first major art pieces using Twitter. People could pay to get their avatar on the canvas by tweeting about the project. The number of user followers dictated the size of their avatar within the frame.  The only person with enough followers to fill the entire canvas was (at the time) Twitter god, Ashton Kutcher, hence the name of the project: Don't tell Ashton.


The canvas filled up in less than 3 days with participants from 151 countries. After having handed a physical piece of the work to Ashton he finally tweeted "Why am I the last one to find out about everything?" 

Tracking down a Hollywood actor was a no doubt a challenge. Eventually we received help from the good people at Ashton's production company Katalyst. Here we are presenting our work for their team.

Finally we got to meet the guy himself, in his trailer on the set of No Strings Attached. Here's Ashton, using the word "like" a lot. Like a lot.